Saturday, October 16, 2010


Black Ruffles Structured Vest (Wear as Headpiece) and The Dramatic Black Long Ruffle Skirt by SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO
Black Tube Top and Ring, Stylist's own

Par. STY
Stylist. Rajasa Prameswara
MUA. Thirsa Anastasia
Digital Imaging. Christopher Aditya
Model. Kemala Putri

Black Ruffles Structured Vest (Wear as Headpiece) and The Dramatic Black Long Ruffle Skirt by SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO
Black Tube Top and Ring, Stylist's own


  1. Honey, you try too hard to be quirky– it's really ugly.

  2. OH wow that was not me, but that's pretty close yea.

  3. err the pose is…well, I thought she goin to take a dump.
    and the fashion, no offense, but this is what happened when u used a fag who doesnt understand about Fashion at all as a stylist.

    Not all fag UNDERSTAND about Fashion.

  4. thank you for your comment :)

  5. Hello, I am Rajasa Pramesywara, the fashion stylist for entheos, well, since you give a lot of critics, I'd Love to see your portfolios, so u can tell me what fashion is. Thank u. I hope you don't use anonymous anymore, since I really-really wanna see what fashion is according to you. Thank you.

  6. You're offended from one remarks frm me? oh, how you don't understand about critics. They CRITICIZE

    Cos I don't make the one that said ugly. I said the one that said fag.
    and since I don't have a Blogspot account, I guess I would remain anonymous.

    And btw, I came across this link frm ppl of ESMOD. I would not say names, but they said "it's fucking bad, you gotta see it." but I guess I'm the only one who have the guts to say it here.

    don't feel too bad, huh?
    After all this marked your foray in the fashion world, right?
    as what... I don't know. But I guess not as Fashion Stylist.

    Prolly try something like Fashion Journalist. If you're so eager to enter the world of fashionistas.
    okay bud?

  7. Hello Rajasa, I honestly was criticizing about the photo, not the fashion. I honestly has no idea about the identity of last comment's author. I was giving some honest opinion, not to show off my portfolio– why should I be? To remove your issue on anonymity, HI GUYS MY NAME IS LEYA AND I DON'T HAVE A BLOGGER ACCOUNT.

    As to the lady, invent a better comeback other than 'thank you'– your attempt to be sarcastic turn out to be pathetic– it's either your English proficiency limits your capability of creating a decent comeback or you're just intellectually limited.

    I know I have an irresponsible mouth but sometimes you just see things that poke your eyes so bad you can't help but to say it.

    Have a great day ahead, everyone :)

  8. whoa he told me there was a comeback hi im diyon i said the ugly shit one :3